The Survivors Of 9/11                                       

Rick Rescorla

Rick Rescorla worked for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter at the World Trade Center. He fought in Vietnam and received a Purple Heart and other awards. In 1990, he wrote to the Port Authority of NY and NJ and insisted that they needed to improve their garage parking security. They ignored him and 3 years later Ramzi Yousef, drove a truck filled with explosives into the garage of the World Trade center. From then on, Rescorla trained his employees to prepare for such disasters. He planned fire drills, and made every employee go through these drills until they did it fast enough. He told everyone that if a disaster occured that they needed to go down the stairs, and not listen to the Port Authority if they ordered them to try and escape another way. On September 11, 2001 Rescorla's numerous drills worked! His employees listened to him, and instead of going upstairs, they went down and survived. Rick Rescorla saved 2, 686 people on Sept. 11th. Only 13 Morgan Stanley employees and Rescorla didn't make it through. He was last seen on the 10th floor, heading upstairs to help more people.   Rescorla is a great example of a hero and will never be forgotten. (,9171,1810315-4,00.html) (